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Maximize your ROI 

To state that a campaign is effective you need to draw attention to factors affecting expenses associated with the promotion. It should be noted that investment funds allocated to carry out campaigns should be optimally low. In practice however, there are no ideal solutions that are fully effective, but there are those that are more or less effective. These are the factors that influence the level of expenditure on advertising materials at the point of sale.

  • Choose a solution that suits your needs - this is one of the most difficult decisions that has a huge impact on the effectiveness of the campaign. Choosing the right POS solution requires knowledge about their effectiveness, usability, implementation, their price level as well as their advantages and disadvantages. It is worth mentioning that POS materials should be customized to the clients’ expectations. Retailers often charge high fees for placing POS materials on the shopping surface managed by them. For example, buying an area of ¼ EUR pallets, i.e. 60 x 40 cm, some contracts can be worded in a way that if the POS material is slightly larger, you will be charged the cost of an additional area of the same size.
  • Select materials and technologies that suit your needs – it is suggested that people who decide to purchase and then implement POS materials often do not have enough technological knowledge. It is quite common that for a campaign lasting only for a couple of weeks permanent and expensive solutions are selected. In other cases, the only decisive factor is the price. As a result, the cheapest POS materials are implemented which are not able to meet the promotion expectations due to durability and quality issues that can affect how the brand is perceived.
  • Logistics - by omitting this element at the designing stage of your project you can condemn your advertising campaign to a complete failure from the very beginning. This is a very important stage that must be taken into account, and thought through wisely.
  • Choice of supplier - not every supplier represents the same quality of products and service that is why you should not only refer to the price or delivery date. The choice of supplier is a key issue because it determines the success or failure of the POS campaign. It is worth checking the competence and the deliverer’s facilities.
  • Optimization/centralization - most companies that apply Point-of-Sale materials to their marketing mix are large corporations. It is crutial to wisely manage centralization of procurement. There are many advantages and disadvantages of these activities.
  • Measurement of performance - without the proper measurements you cannot observe the results of your campaign. There are many methods of measuring results of advertising at the point of sale, because it is becoming a common form of advertising. With accurate results it is easy to conclude on a certain campaign and improve on the next.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations - even the most effective and efficient Point-of-Sale campaign may result in a loss for the company if the campaign should break any laws or regulations of a certain point of sale location. It may result in a lawsuit, e.g. the loss of life or health caused by hazardous POS material. Use of safe materials, and be wary of copyright infringement.


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