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POPAI Research 

POPAI The Global Association for Marketing-at-Retail is an international non-profit organization associating companies involved in marketing at the place of sale. Its activity focuses on conducting research on the processes of shopper marketing.

The most important results of research conducted by POPAI are as follows:

70% of the decisions as to the choice of a certain brand are made at the point of sale.

68% of purchase decisions are not planned in advance.

Most buyers in retail stores spend 6 seconds on viewing products from a specific category before making a choice.

91% of all shoppers shop without a previously prepared shopping list.


Most purchasing decisions are made in the place of sale. Buyers decide to purchase a specific product in a very short period of time that is why it's so important to draw their attention effectively. This usually takes place under the influence of a spontanious decision which creates a great opportunity to affect a decision-making process via an appropriate exposition of the product.


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