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Efficient POS campaign 

The effectiveness of advertising forms at the point of sale is conditioned by a variety of factors. Efficiency is achieving the greatest possible results with the smallest possible outlay. Below is a list of factors that have a direct impact on maximizing the results and minimizing the expenditures.

Among the factors that affect sales and the image outcome of an advertising campaign are as follows:

  • Visibility – "Unseen, untold is unsold ". You need to make sure that both the message and the products you want to display are in the right place at the point of sale, and at the appropriate height. Unfortunately, in practice many forms of POS advertising that have substantial budgets are improperly placed in the store.
  • Message transparency - the message should be clear in order for it to reach the customer. Every second, consumers are bombarded by dozens of materials that their brain filters, and does not analyze.
  • Timely implementation – a display will never get the opportunity to increase sales if it is not at the point of sale at the right time.
  • Secure an appropriate amount of the product – there is nothing more irritating and frustrating for sales and trade marketing forces than a state where the advertising campaign is a huge success, consumer interest and demand for the product rises and the inability to satisfy the demand for the product. Product Logistics must be geared towards success.
  • POS materials must be adjusted to the product and company image - the consistency of communication is extremely important. Premium Goods must be displayed in a premium manner. Otherwise, apart from the lack of sales growth in the POS campaign, we risk jeopardizing a brand’s good image.
  • Call to action - without this element even clients who will notice the advertisement, can ignore it in the influence of other advertisements at point of sale.
  • Proper communication with the sales staff - both prior and during the advertising campaign, the sales staff at the point of sale have a huge impact on the success or failure of the campaign. The display’s in‑store placement, its stock replenishment, notifying of any defects depends on the staff. Appropriate training and communication during the advertising campaign is very important.
  • Durability and quality of POS materials - in order to achieve sales results, displays must withstand the entire period of the campaign. The number of defects during production should be as small as possible. Otherwise, shop owners will get rid of the POS materials before the campaign is completed.


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